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Mathematical Biology

Mathematical Modeling, Epidemiology, Immunology, and Population Dynamics


I am working with talented undergraduates interested in modeling biological phenomenon including:

Tumor immunotherapy
Population dynamics and movement of an endangered bird
Wildlife populations and disease ecology
Forest ecology and tree physiology
Signal processing

In the past

I studied the dynamics of Sin Nombre virus (SNV) infections in deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) with M. Denise Dearing and Frederick R. Adler at the University of Utah. I joined a field project led by Denise and participated in field work - handling small mammals of Utah’s west desert, recording demographic information and sampling species of interest for antibodies against SNV. I worked on mathematical models and analyses of field data with Fred.

I have also studied epidemiology in host populations structured by age, infection-age, or other epidemiologically relevant internal characteristics.

I am interested in using field, laboratory, or clinical data to parameterize dynamical mathematical models.

A potentially recent (but more than likely hopelessly out of date) cv1.

Life Stats

PhD. University of Utah. 2011.
MS. University of Utah. 2007.
BS. Millersville University. 2005.
1: After all, I am not looking for a new job or expecting to win prestigious honors. I spend most of my time grading, working with students and not updating my c.v. or website.

Basic Stats

Current Courses (Spring 2019)